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References Category:Scanner software Category:Technical communication tools Category:Proprietary softwareFistulas are abnormal connections between two parts of the body that allow fluids and/or bacteria to bypass natural barriers. Fistulas can form for many reasons, including scarring from a previous surgery, trauma, radiation, or complications following cancer therapy. Fistulas can result in a build up of fluid or infection (such as, for example, abscesses or bacteremia). In the case of a trans-sphincteric fistula, infection can bypass the normal barriers and enter the perianal area. Trans-sphincteric fistulas can also cause fecal incontinence. One conventional method of treating fistulas is to place a seton (e.g., a loop of absorbable suture material) through the fistula. The seton maintains an opening through which fistula drainage can occur. However, conventional setons may be difficult to properly place and maintain. For example, the patient may be required to remain immobile following the surgery, which may be difficult or impossible for elderly, debilitated, or weak patients. In addition, the seton may fall out of position due to patient movement or cause a build up of scar tissue at the fistula site.Conventional time lapse imaging systems, such as time lapse cameras, generally utilize a motor driven stage that moves a lens assembly to capture an image. One issue with such conventional time lapse imaging systems is that the motor drives used to move the lens assembly is typically disposed in a housing, with a tube extending from the housing. This tube can get in the way during the imaging process, and can interfere with the ability to obtain images with a precise and desired alignment. To move the lens assembly, a motor driven stage may be mounted in a separate housing, and the housing may be attached to a main housing that encloses an image sensor and its associated electronics. The main housing may be connected to a support housing. The above conventional configuration has several drawbacks. For example, the separate housing containing the motor driven stage may be large and bulky, and may add significant cost to the overall system. In addition, this conventional configuration may add significant weight to the overall system, which is undesirable. Furthermore, in conventional systems, the motor driven stage is mounted on a separate platform, which may add significant cost and complexity to the overall system.[Thermal stability of a new bioerodable starch ac619d1d87

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